Who is Jean Sheehan?

Jean is an International Speaker, Life Skills Mentor, Director of Potentiality and Founder of Millennium Education Pty Ltd. As winner of several business awards such as BOMA, runner up in the SCWBN award and nominee for many Telstra awards, Jean has proven herself as a successful business woman and entrepreneur.

Jean successfully built her two businesses from the ground up with just a dream in her heart whilst raising her two young children. She is a recognised leader in her field and has mentored and coached thousands around the world. With more than 20 years’ experience, Jean’s gift of empowering others can surprise and ultimately transform lives.

Having addressed organisations from Australia, India, France, Bali and in between, Jean understands what inspires and motivates the human psyche.

Jean is a published author of her own books as well as magazines, blogs, and has contributed to other books written in her field. She is featured on radio, TV, Podcasts, magazines and many other areas for her expertise.

Jean draws on her own journey as an immigrant from Kuwait at 5 years old, who was homeless at 16 when her mother passed away. Despite having to fend for herself in tumultuous circumstances, Jean was able to create a new existence, life and journey of abundance. She now educates and empowers other to thrive and survive in their own journey. She is the example of what is possible having come from nothing to now an award-winning internationally-recognised Key Note Speaker.

Jean Shares …..

Welcome to my heart and home. I want to let you in on a secret!

As a child who was shy and fearful of being seen and lacked confidence, if someone would have told me I would be public speaking for a career I would have run away! Now I love my craft and have been acknowledged as an award-winning International Key Note Speaker and entrepreneur.

Life changed when I became homeless at age 16. My mother died on Christmas day and I learnt what true potentiality meant. Life became an ‘OP SHOP’ and offered me loads of learning lessons to grow, blossom and prosper. My real education was formalised with life. But I did not really have life skills and I did not know what empowerment was. I had to learn first so I could teach and present this to a bigger audience.

My career commenced as a Nurse, moving to pathology and autopsies. I also opened my own Coffee and Chocolate shop which absolutely thrived and was a huge success! Soon enough, another door opened to entrepreneurial work. My journey towards self-development courses, formal study and then creating my own modality (Millennium Modality®) and the international company began.

Along the way there was also the education of being a wife and mum. Many people have heard my story of ‘rags to riches, fear to absolute love’. I have now created a Profession and business that allows me to travel the world doing what I love, be paid for it and connect with extraordinary people like you. The best form of empowerment is education. The word education means to have understanding, insight, learning and knowledge. So, Millennium Education Pty. Ltd. was created to provide this service. The whole purpose of education is to empower the mind of the person to grow and develop so they will access their own potentiality to have their hearts desires and shine their brilliance. All through motivational and inspirational talks!

I want to share these easy tools and systems with you, the ones that transformed my own life on all levels and has helped thousands globally. You will learn techniques to open to new doorways and new outcomes for you, your staff, your TEAM and your colleagues.

Let me design the perfect motivational and empowerment talk for you and your organisation today!

Jean Sheehan