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Jean Sheehan has a sensational and unique way of capturing her audience from heart to make transformational changes and positive outcomes for all that attend her presentations. As a key note speaker for SAP, CWA, Defence Force, LJ Hooker Real Estate and QLD & NSW Universities, Corporations, Businesses, Schools, Government Educational System and International Cruise Ships such as the Royal Caribbean, Jean is called upon and requested to inspire and educate her audience so that people can live the life they were born to live and be fulfilled personally and professionally.

She is well known for her ability to support her clientele to achieve their dreams and goals. Whether it be a small group for businesses or as a Key Note Speaker for large international companies, Jean Sheehan can and will deliver a presentation that is outstanding and will create value to you, your company and your desired outcomes.

The bonus is with a short conversation, Jean will structure something specifically for your needs and requirements so that all benefit. It is a ‘win win’ situation so that all receive their desired outcome!

All you need do is give the guidelines to Jean and her PR Team, and she will deliver something that not only empowers, educates and informs but entertains your audience. Are you wanting ….

  • An interactive workshop

  • Tips, strategies and guidelines

  • Education

  • Empowerment

  • Motivation

  • Team building

  • Business building

  • Business strategies

  • Life skills

  • Insight and support

  • And if unsure, contact Jean and discuss with her what she can provide.

These are just few of the topics Jean has been asked to speak about … there is bound to be something for you!

i. My Intuition creates success for me and others
What if by using both sides of the brain, your whole body and intuition, you can create new opportunities in your personal and professional life and support your clients? This is the greatest gift you will ever own. In this presentation Jean will share how the power of intuition and accessing your own potentiality has allowed her to go from ‘rags to riches’ and given her life that she loves. When we are authentic you will have clients that become your raving fan, you can support your clients and gift them something of great value both for you and them. The outcome is the abundance on all levels.

ii. Law of Abundance and Potentiality
Have you ever wondered why some people and businesses seem to be successful at all levels and others are not? There is an easy universal law which involves using the seasons, elements and Millennium Calendar® which will allow you to design your destiny, create your heart’s desires and live the life you love. This is a must for those that want to profit in all areas of their life.

iii. Law of Attraction – What you Think You Receive
Through understanding the Reticular Activating System, or RAS, you will attract all that you want to attract and the ones you don’t want to. When you know what you want and you have systems in place, be ready to receive abundance, health and the life you love. In this presentation, you will learn about the Law of Attraction, the language of attraction including body language and celebrating these achievements.

iv. People Skills – The Art of Listening
Many forget or don’t know that real business is done through building relationships, not by selling a product. If you really listen to your potential client, build a relationship and know what their hopes and desires are, you can then be of service. Sales are about changing the hearts and minds of others to live the life they want. In this presentation, you will learn and practice REAL listening skills including mirroring, eye contact and so much more to build a relationship with your clients and connections.

v. Manifesting Tools and Techniques
You are always manifesting but are you conscious of what you are doing and manifesting? To assist this process there are 33 Life lessons to have the life you want. When you understand these, you will profit in all areas of your life.

vi. Tips for Positive Mindset
Do you find yourself always looking on the downside or worrying how things will turn out? Find out how to help yourself to achieve a more positive mindset in 5 easy steps.

Vii. Learn what your body is telling you!
We are often told to listen to our body but what does that really mean? Find out what your body is trying to tell you each day. How to listen to your body – what is it telling you?

vii. 5 Tips to Love your self
Do you find yourself not putting you a priority and wishing you cared for yourself more? Find out how to help yourself to achieve a lifestyle where you love yourself more in 5 easy steps.

viii. Learn How food Affects & Infects Your Emotions
We are often told how food will put on weight but not told why and what foods effect and affect our emotional behaviour. IN 5 easy steps understand how to empower yourself through food.

ix. 5 tips to a confident you
Do you find yourself thinking you cannot do it, achieve it lack confidence in yourself? Find out how to help yourself to achieve confidence in all you do in 5 easy steps.

Other Topics to Choose from:

  • 1. Tips to Self Esteem
  • 2. Personality types – know how to communicate, connect and market

  • 3. Difficult Conversation made easy
  • 4. Conflict Conversation made easy
  • 5. Dealing with a difficult customer, staff member
  • 6. Tips for dealing with anxiety
  • 7. Tips to dealing with depression
  • 8. Money Magnet tips
  • 9. Empowering Children

  • 10. Empowering Teenagers

  • 11. Mental Health Strategies for Children
  • 12. Mental Health Strategies for Teenagers

  • 13. Tips for busy working mums

  • 14. Tips to empowering Mums

  • 15. Tips to live the life you love

  • 16. Dealing with a difficult customer / client

  • 17. Dealing with a difficult patient

  • 18. Dealing with a difficult staff member

  • 19. Motivating your staff

  • 20. Encouragement is the key to empowering staff

  • 21. Children’s Personalities

  • 22. Miracle Minds

Nothing here .. then contact us and we will design something for you!