NSW Deakin University – School of Nursing and Midwifery

We asked Jean to speak at our renal educator’s symposium on the topic of the ‘difficult conversation’. It was a brilliant workshop tailored to the specific  requirements of our delegates. Delegates thoroughly enjoyed the interactive components of the workshop and the relevance to their practice. Jean is a very   inspiring, motivational, interesting presenter who kept us all thoroughly engaged throughout the day. Thank you so much Jean, we would highly recommend to all!
Thank you so much for presenting at the NEN symposium. The verbal feedback has been very positive and enthusiastic. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and left feeling very motivated at the end of your session. It was a wonderful presentation and was exactly what we asked for. It couldn’t have been any better.

Department of Education and Training – Early Childhood Education

Jean is a vibrant presenter whose passion for children is at the centre of her life’s work. Jean provided a highly empowering workshop which engaged our senses to entice and connect our experiences when relating to children. She inspired us to build deep relationships with children and identify their unique gifts and talents to optimize the way we approach learning opportunities. Our workshop was with early childhood leaders who were focused on supporting families who are experiencing vulnerability and Jean certainly inspired us all in committing to meeting children where they are at and embracing their individuality and personal needs.

United Synergies

United Synergies has worked with Jean Sheehan on a number of occasions – to deliver motivational sessions for our programs. The workshops supported program members to set personal goals, get motivated and feel inspired. Jean’s professional and vibrant style left participants feeling positive and optimistic about their ability to tackle life’s challenges. We highly recommend Jean Sheehan.

Jean is the Best

Wellness Hubs Australia

The best way to share about Jean’s presentations is by the fabulous feedback from attendees.

  • Loved it. She is awesome. Challenged me to change the way I perceive and appreciate others

  • Excellent – really got me thinking

  • Inspiring, incredible, wow.

  • Jean has a wonderful way of connecting with her audience, loved her sense of humour.

  • Awesome and informative

  • Fantastic, it really challenged me to think about my limiting beliefs

  • Very inspiring and some great tips to take away

  • Inspiring and fun

  • Fun and informative

  • Hilarious and wonderful. Amazing lady with a lovely way of connecting with us

  • Beautiful… I loved it.

  • Lots of fun and motivational presentation.

  • Lots of fun, thought provoking, pushed my boundaries and extended myself.

Jewel Events and Founder Enlightened Goddess Network

Jean has a vision – “to help awaken people to their pure potentiality, to assist them to be empowered in every aspect of their lives and create a new generation of children that are confident, healthy and happy”. Jean’s revolutionary system for identifying our modern Millennium Children® and how to educate and support their emotional growth is being introduced as Continued Professional Development to schools on the coast, Brisbane, Sydney and soon to be overseas. Ensuring that the entire educational process for student, parent, teacher, and school provides a future generation of empowered, confident and healthy adults. On a professional basis, I have always found Jean to be passionate, compassionate and caring for everyone- this lady really goes the extra mile. Jean is constantly upscaling to give the best service, she makes time for clients, she operates with a service based mind frame and her thriving business is founded on a strong referral system. Being a catalyst for transformation for others is Jean’s driving force and her client’s successes speak to her success.


Jean has been a wonderful supporter of Womenspace and each year over the past several years has graciously given her time and energy in presenting workshops for us. Jean’s reputation precedes her and so her speaking events have always been extremely popular with our organisation. Jean’s presentations are always enlightening and stimulating. Jean has been able to show us ways in which we can empower and transform ourselves, for ultimate happiness and abundance. Jean also guides us in the use of the tools that we can use to reach our full potential and pursue our dreams. With such inspiring messages, Womenspace is very appreciative that Jean is one of our regular presenters.

United Synergies Connect 2 Parenting Program

Thank you, Jean, for sharing your energy and goal setting strategies during your vision board workshops with our Connect2Parenting Program. Our parents stated that they have now have a practical visual tool to use, to set goals and achieve them. We thank you for your expertise for the past two years.

Art of Wellness

Jean has been a speaker for my Art Of Wellness Event, which began in 2009 and continues to be an annual event. She has always entertained and inspired my clients and the participants of my event. Jean is a gifted and enchanting speaker. I really love her and her message, and have been truly blessed to have her part of any event I’ve organised. Rarely do you find such a gifted speaker and wellness mentor. Jean delivers on all levels when it comes to making a moment memorable and enlightening and empowering her students. I am privileged for knowing Jean

Confidence Coach

As someone who has worked as a Confidence Coach for over 15 years, I have come across many people in the industry who offer a wide range of services. I admit being extremely picky with who I work with and am proud to say that Jean Sheehan is one of the best. Not only is Jean someone that I trust 100%, she is filled with integrity, honesty and love. She has supported me numerous times in the past and I happily recommend her work to all of my clients and friends. Her work is transformational and she has a gift that is rarely seen. She is a true expert in her field and her knowledge is the best I have ever come across She is an excellent speaker and leaves anyone she comes across feeling more connected.

Redland Healing Centre

Jean Sheehan is gold. She has spoken at Redlands Healing Centre on a few different occasions. Our first interaction with Jean was the day our centre opened which was on 2nd March 2013. Jean was a ray of sunshine on a very rainy day at the centre. This heavy down pour did not deter her spirit and she soldered on to give a magical presentation with a very professional display. Jean created a very special night for parents and teenagers. Another sell out and many parents went home that night with more empowered. Lots of laughs and learning for teenagers and parents. Jean has so much to offer. Her insightful, interesting way of approaching and building rapport is unique. Her business is professional and she is admired by many from the centre. We are very excited to have her here to feel the positive energy and watch a true professional at work. She will be a leader for a lot of years to come.